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About Beth

Everybody always writes what they're known for on these things. I think I might actually be known for trying to stay out of the spotlight. So elusive. Oh, and for my addiction to yummy smelling bath stuff and colorful, shiny things.

I know, I know... I'm supposed to write about what I'm known for as a photographer. Tooting my own horn isn't my favorite thing, so I'll tell you about my favorite compliments I've received. 

-I've never felt as comfortable in front of a camera as I do in front of yours-

-We like your wedding photography because it looks like it's about showing each couple and family in their own way- 

The first awesome compliment was from a completely fantastic boudoir client and the second was from a new potential wedding client. 

I love making beautiful things for you. I love when you feel great about yourself. I love making art with you. It makes me happy when people feel relaxed at a shoot. 

Love is magic. Weddings are too. After the first wedding I ever photographed as a second shooter, I called my husband on the way home, and I was like...this...this is what I want to do forever...this is the absolute best thing. I leave your wedding exhausted and happy. It is an honor to be there with you for the love and shenanigans, and to be entrusted with the care of your memories. Gorgeous dresses, sparkly things, flowers, and cake aren't too bad either. 

Photographing women is the best. Because we are badasses. We are amazing. Doing all the things we do. We deserve to be shown how fantastic we are and see our power in our own eyes. YES. All women. All of us. 

As for me personally, I wasn't always a photographer. I used to be a geochemist and I have a degree in Spanish. I also went to art school and when I'm not actively being a photographer, I'm probably painting or making something for a shoot. I live in Missoula with my super husband, two wild boys, our Great Dane, and two cats.