Before and After Photos

You know, I was never a fan of before and after photos. I don’t know…I guess I always thought it was a little bit like ‘look how crappy this person looks in the before photo and how amazing they look after I got a hold of them…so much better than they usually look.’  So that’s real nice. hahaha

But…I have changed my mind. I was thinking about it all wrong. The point is not that you look crappy in the before photo, because of course you are beautiful anyway. The point is that anyone…absolutely anyone, can look like they’re a supermodel gracing the pages of a magazine and it’s about the experience.

In fact, I’ll admit that before I didn’t even think professional hair and makeup was actually a necessity for a session. Because I truly and fully believe that we are already beautiful and do not need to be edited until we don’t even look like ourselves.

But I seriously missed the point.

How did I change my mind? I had never experienced what I do for other people for myself. So I gave myself part of the experience.

I put a few outfits together for some new headshots for my website. I didn’t go too crazy here.  I mean…if you know me, then you know I’m like a colorful mermaid or something. Who wears a lot of black. There isn’t really a category. Let’s just go with it. I’m Beth. Hi.

And then…I made an appointment to have my hair re-colored. Then I booked hair and makeup. For myself.

I can tell you now…it’s not at all about not looking good every day. It’s about having an experience and doing something…just. for. you. About you. It was really fun!

And then I took some photos of myself. I will share some of them later. But for now…I’m going to share my before and after. I didn’t even change my shirt yet!

Now, my daily look is sometimes really good and sometimes “I have a preschooler”. And my makeup artist didn’t even go all out on me, but I felt amazing. And I got a million compliments for the rest of the day. I probably should have made a day of it and gone out with my husband for dinner.

So. That’s what I want for you. Get a mani/pedi. Do something fun and new for yourself. Whatever that means for you. I got a new tattoo and a hair re-color and I felt super awesome…hey, we all have our things we like. Then…come into Beth Waldron Photography and have another awesome experience that is all about you. We’ll do your hair and makeup and pick outfits together. We’ll make beautiful portraits. Then you can go out and do something fun while you’re feeling…extra. Make a day of it. For you.

For this shoot:
Hair color: Alysson King at Fabrik
Makeup: Meg Hansen at Fabrik
(Love those ladies at Fabrik)

I painted this unstretched canvas as a backdrop especially for myself and this selfie shoot. Because I’m also an artist and I wanted my headshots to reflect that… Look! I’m not even wearing black!

Emily + Ron – Hamilton, Montana Wedding July 2017

Are you ready for some wedding blogs? The software I use to make albums has a blog collage feature! What an awesome thing! This is a fraction of the photos, but I can post so many more this way!

Ok. Enough about me…

Emily and Ron’s wedding, you guys! Not only are they completely adorable with each other, their wedding was super. It was on private property in the Bitterroot with a glorious view of the mountains and a private little field. They couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous sunny day (we could have turned the heat down a little…100 degrees most of the day) and during the ceremony we got some clouds which made for really nice light.

They had this RZR driving around that was super fun, and they had a horse and carriage! The guys rolled up on the RZR for the ceremony and the ladies were brought over in the carriage. So many cool details at the reception area too. There was a big sitting area with hay bales and a chandelier next to the dance floor and there was a sweet little family memory area.

And the most important part. All the love going around all day. So much love from friends and family and for each other.  Everyone should have someone who looks at them the way Emily and Ron look at each other. <3 <3 <3

Vendor information for their wedding:
Planner/Coordinator: Erika’s Event Planning
Catering: Caffe Firenze
Flowers: Flower Happy Florals & Gifts
Cake/Cupcakes: Petals & Pastries (Red Rooster Artesian Bakery)
Music: RMF Entertainment DJ Services (Jordan Waldo)
Horse/Carriage: Pioneer Carriage Services  (I don’t think they have a website, but they’re in Corvallis 😉
Rentals: Hamilton Party Rentals 

The Paige Marie Photography workshop!

I know I mentioned it before, but I absolutely love continuing education. For one thing, it’s important to remember that you can always learn something new. And it’s really fun to meet other photographers and see how they do things.

So, someone couldn’t make it to their spot at the Paige Marie Photography workshop at The Loft a couple of weeks ago and they posted it on Facebook. I snapped it up. Lots of fun things to talk about, a styled shoot at The Loft and in Greenough Park by Soirée 99 Events, tips from Brian Powers, a talk and Q&A session with Aimee Miklovic, an SEO guru who helped us with our Instagram accounts (seriously, check her out @assistantextraordinaire on Instagram).

The light at the end of the day was magical with cottonwood catching the sun (and my sinuses haha), so the styled shoot in the park was perfect. And we ended with dinner at Cafe Dolce, which is amazing. It was a very good day.

If you’re looking for a local workshop with a “rising tide lifts all boats” kind of feel, then I can’t recommend it enough. It’s so great when people work together.

Here’s a list of vendors for the day and styled sessions:

Venue: @theloftmissoula
Cookies: @upthehillcookiesbyjill
Rings: @rogersandco.finejewelry
Invites and Graphic Design: @heytayler
Floral: @soulandstemfloral
Dress: @velvetbride
Coordination and Tablescape: @soiree99events
Makeup: @skinchic406

Trying a new blog image layout…what do you think?

Booking for weddings and sessions is here. I’d love to talk to you!

Sunset styled shoot/workshop!

I strongly believe that once or twice a year, you should continue your education, even if it’s in small ways. I pay for yearly access to an online wedding school, buy classes on Creative Live, and take workshops when I can. Never stop learning!

And so last night I attended a sunset styled shoot/workshop given by Jackie Haugen of Jacilyn M Photography. The weather was uncooperative, to say the least. haha It poured! But the couple was gorgeous, the dress was seriously amazing, and the bouquet was one of my favorite ones I’ve ever seen…with CACTUS! I have such a soft spot for cactus.

The field was filled with flowers, there were dramatic storm clouds and occasional spots of light, and it was windy. You might think the clouds and wind would be bad, but wedding photographers shoot in all kinds of weather. I personally love dramatic and gloomy weather.

The dress was from Velvet Bride, the makeup was done at Skin Chic, and the oh so lovely bouquet was made by Habitat Floral Studio.

The studio

Over the last month or so, I’ve been getting a studio space ready downtown. I am working on signage next, but I’m basically ready to work in there now. I’m very excited about it! The light is great, I put up a backdrop mount and paper roll. There’s a space for us to sit and chat. And…

A dedicated boudoir space. I have a bed in there and a pretty vintage chair, with sheers up on the window. Want to see it?!


Want to book a session? Contact me here!

Hello world!

This is my first post on the new blog. I’ve been working on a new website, which is light speed compared to my old website. My biggest frustration with the old site was how slow it was. It was pretty, if you could wait for everything to load. haha

This one is pretty too. And has more features I wanted. Plus the super fast part. Really…that’s the most important thing. If I go to someone’s website to look for info and it takes forever to load I might skip it altogether. I hate to think of how many brides I may have lost just because my website was slow. It makes me sad.

So if you go scrolling through to see the old posts…they don’t have photos in them? I thought I migrated everything successfully, but clearly I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. 😉  Maybe I will re-blog some of the more important posts.

Welcome to the new site and new blog. 🙂

Happy-ish New Year

Yes. It’s February already. haha

Oh, we had such a weird 2016. Didn’t we all? My mother-in-law became ill last year and died just before the holidays. Even when you know something terrible is coming, it doesn’t lessen the blow. And then we found out that she has continued to take care of us by leaving us with her home. Always so generous and loving. We would still prefer to have her here.

So, I’ve been very quiet here. We’ve been sad and moving in this extreme cold weather with the snow. We still have a lot to do, but I have a lot to do here as well.

We have been renting a house over by the mall, and I had a little studio space in there. It wasn’t perfect, but I was sort of making do. As much as it seems like a good thing to be able to have a studio space in your house, I also have two small children, a great dane, and two cats. Now we’re pretty much out of there, but our lease isn’t up until June. So…if you know anyone looking for a small 2-3 bedroom house that allows pets…the management company is fantastic. We have had only good experiences with them and they’re good people.

In our new house, there is no space for me to have a studio. At first I was thinking about paring down to just wedding photography. I love shooting weddings. But, I also wanted to start heading toward some editorial/commercial work and have a space for some fine art projects. SO I need a space. Not to mention, it’s just better to say, “Sure, come to my studio and we’ll chat” than “Sure, let’s go get a coffee”.  I would like a more private setting for meeting clients and showing their work. I’m working on that now.

So that’s where I am…where I’ve been. I’m getting back into the swing of things and I’ll get back to writing here more often.

I have a boudoir shoot coming up that I’m excited about and I’ll be doing a stylized session with some wedding vendors in town pretty soon. So I’ll be talking about that in a bit.

Stay tuned!

2017 dream board

I’ve been working on my dream board again.

A while ago, a photographer friend of mine posted her wish list. A little dream list of places she wanted to photograph, the kinds of sessions she wanted, etc.  I think she called it a bucket list. Same idea.

She did hers a little differently, but I love the idea of making a list and making some of it public. Dream board, vision board, bucket list, wish list…whatever you want to call it…

I have two. One is a board and one is more of an art journal. But the idea behind it is the same. Put want you want out there and keep it in your mind. Whether you believe that you’re asking the universe to send you something, or you’re sending yourself reminders to work toward that goal…it works. I know because last year, I put two venues on my list that I kept dreaming about and the first two weddings I booked for this year’s summer weddings are at those venues. Could it be a coincidence? Sure. But I don’t think so. (Aaaand I’m so excited about them!!!!)

So I think it will be fun to make a little list and put it here. The 2017 Dream Board? Maybe I’ll make it a yearly thing. So here goes…


The 2017 Dream Board


(First though… Your wedding isn’t about me. It’s about you all. I do my best to show you and the overall feel of your wedding, just photographed in my style. If yours isn’t going to be like anything on this list, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to photograph it. I love your wedding. And you. That got weird fast… Anyway, you get my point. Don’t let this list stop you if you from messaging me.)

Winter. Weddings. This is one of the most beautiful states to live in and winter is gorgeous. I know it’s cold and stuff, but imagine these things: clear, sunny day after a fresh snow and a snowy mountain backdrop…white lights and snow at night, maybe a lit up barn with open doors…gray winter day with snow falling. Yessssss to all of this. Bring on the winter weddings.

Palouse area of Washington. Have you ever seen this place? Here, let me google image search that for you. Absolutely amazing. If you’re getting married somewhere over there…PICK ME! PICK ME! haha Really though…

Themed weddings. Especially if it’s something that will get us featured somewhere fun. I would love for us to be able to submit to Offbeat Bride or Rock n Roll Bride. Those are both awesome websites to poke around anyway, so you should check them out.

Wedding Venues

I hesitate to mention specific venues because I don’t want anyone to come and not see theirs listed and feel left out. You, know, because everyone is coming to my website and I’m so popular. That’s sarcasm, of course. The list is too long to post here. I have a few tops though…OK…

Stone Tower Estate. Oh, this place… They’re also a member of the Bitterroot Wedding Association and we had a meeting there so we could tour the venue. Go watch the video tour. If I built my own house, it would probably be like this.  It’s magical. Whimsical. That tower room. <3 (Pick me. haha)

The Flying Horse. Do you ever get an idea in your head and it won’t leave until you try it? Another BWA meeting was held here and it’s so awesome. I have this idea for a photo that will whisper at me from the back of my mind until I do it. Artists are weird like that. They have a bunch of photos on their website. Those hanging lanterns are beautiful.

The Ranch Club. That barn. There aren’t many photos on the website, but if you google it and wedding, you’ll see tons. It’s the coolest.

The White Raven. This is a new venue in Alberton. I met the owners and they’re super sweet. Remember that thing I said about winter weddings? A winter wedding here would be so. good. Any time of year though. It’s beautiful.



Fine art/conceptual sessions. What does that even mean? I build stuff and make things. I paint. I love Photoshop and composites. Let’s create something together…with you in it. Want to build a set, make a dress, have wings, cosplay, wear some crazy headpiece, something weirder, something more simple…be art? Me too. Let’s go for it. I have a second journal of ideas just for this.

With horses. I love horses. There are tons of horses around here. Let’s do some portraits with them. Especially if we can work it into a fine art session. OOooooh!

Dramatic posing and lighting. I have a couple of new lights coming in the mail and I want to play with them.


Ok. So this is enough for now. The actual list is super long. My head and books are full of ideas. See something here you want too? Let’s do it! Send me a message.


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Montana Made Wedding Fair + Bitterroot Wedding Association | Beth Waldron Photography

Are you ready for the Montana Made Wedding Fair?


Oh, where do I go when I spend a month away from the blog?

Well, we do have some family things happening that have thrown us all off the rails a bit.

But…I’ve been editing sessions and sending off prints to get them turned around. Is there such a thing as being caught up? haha


I’m furiously getting ready for the Montana Made Wedding Fair!! I’m so excited!! And nervous. hahaha

It’s going to be fantastic. We’re finishing up my booth construction project this weekend and getting finishing touches and decorations. I have to pick up some portable/aim-able lights? And a couple of other things. I think I’m going to spray paint something a fun color too, so that’s always fun. I think it’s going to be really awesome!!!

There will be prints to look at… there’s a gorgeous OMG so pretty album to drool over. Don’t actually drool on it though. 😉 Hopefully my other printed item will get here in time, because it will be so cool too. (I ordered it with plenty of time, but they had a delay at the printer…such is life sometimes.) Oh…and I’m making fancy cookies. Nobody can resist cookies.

The fair is guaranteed to be amazing. I know the organizer has been working non-stop to make it sooo good.

The facebook event with ticket information is here!


I’m pretty excited about how next year’s wedding season is shaping up. I’ve booked some great couples and a few of my dream venues already. <3

Are you here checking out my blog because you’re looking for a wedding photographer? I have a few dates left in 2016 and I’m booking for 2017 now as well. Winter weddings too! The fastest way to contact me is to fill out the contact form here. That contact form is the one for sessions as well!

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