Happy-ish New Year

Yes. It’s February already. haha

Oh, we had such a weird 2016. Didn’t we all? My mother-in-law became ill last year and died just before the holidays. Even when you know something terrible is coming, it doesn’t lessen the blow. And then we found out that she has continued to take care of us by leaving us with her home. Always so generous and loving. We would still prefer to have her here.

So, I’ve been very quiet here. We’ve been sad and moving in this extreme cold weather with the snow. We still have a lot to do, but I have a lot to do here as well.

We have been renting a house over by the mall, and I had a little studio space in there. It wasn’t perfect, but I was sort of making do. As much as it seems like a good thing to be able to have a studio space in your house, I also have two small children, a great dane, and two cats. Now we’re pretty much out of there, but our lease isn’t up until June. So…if you know anyone looking for a small 2-3 bedroom house that allows pets…the management company is fantastic. We have had only good experiences with them and they’re good people.

In our new house, there is no space for me to have a studio. At first I was thinking about paring down to just wedding photography. I love shooting weddings. But, I also wanted to start heading toward some editorial/commercial work and have a space for some fine art projects. SO I need a space. Not to mention, it’s just better to say, “Sure, come to my studio and we’ll chat” than “Sure, let’s go get a coffee”.  I would like a more private setting for meeting clients and showing their work. I’m working on that now.

So that’s where I am…where I’ve been. I’m getting back into the swing of things and I’ll get back to writing here more often.

I have a boudoir shoot coming up that I’m excited about and I’ll be doing a stylized session with some wedding vendors in town pretty soon. So I’ll be talking about that in a bit.

Stay tuned!

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2017 dream board

I’ve been working on my dream board again.

A while ago, a photographer friend of mine posted her wish list. A little dream list of places she wanted to photograph, the kinds of sessions she wanted, etc.  I think she called it a bucket list. Same idea.

She did hers a little differently, but I love the idea of making a list and making some of it public. Dream board, vision board, bucket list, wish list…whatever you want to call it…

I have two. One is a board and one is more of an art journal. But the idea behind it is the same. Put want you want out there and keep it in your mind. Whether you believe that you’re asking the universe to send you something, or you’re sending yourself reminders to work toward that goal…it works. I know because last year, I put two venues on my list that I kept dreaming about and the first two weddings I booked for this year’s summer weddings are at those venues. Could it be a coincidence? Sure. But I don’t think so. (Aaaand I’m so excited about them!!!!)

So I think it will be fun to make a little list and put it here. The 2017 Dream Board? Maybe I’ll make it a yearly thing. So here goes…


The 2017 Dream Board


(First though… Your wedding isn’t about me. It’s about you all. I do my best to show you and the overall feel of your wedding, just photographed in my style. If yours isn’t going to be like anything on this list, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to photograph it. I love your wedding. And you. That got weird fast… Anyway, you get my point. Don’t let this list stop you if you from messaging me.)

Winter. Weddings. This is one of the most beautiful states to live in and winter is gorgeous. I know it’s cold and stuff, but imagine these things: clear, sunny day after a fresh snow and a snowy mountain backdrop…white lights and snow at night, maybe a lit up barn with open doors…gray winter day with snow falling. Yessssss to all of this. Bring on the winter weddings.

Palouse area of Washington. Have you ever seen this place? Here, let me google image search that for you. Absolutely amazing. If you’re getting married somewhere over there…PICK ME! PICK ME! haha Really though…

Themed weddings. Especially if it’s something that will get us featured somewhere fun. I would love for us to be able to submit to Offbeat Bride or Rock n Roll Bride. Those are both awesome websites to poke around anyway, so you should check them out.

Wedding Venues

I hesitate to mention specific venues because I don’t want anyone to come and not see theirs listed and feel left out. You, know, because everyone is coming to my website and I’m so popular. That’s sarcasm, of course. The list is too long to post here. I have a few tops though…OK…

Stone Tower Estate. Oh, this place… They’re also a member of the Bitterroot Wedding Association and we had a meeting there so we could tour the venue. Go watch the video tour. If I built my own house, it would probably be like this.  It’s magical. Whimsical. That tower room. <3 (Pick me. haha)

The Flying Horse. Do you ever get an idea in your head and it won’t leave until you try it? Another BWA meeting was held here and it’s so awesome. I have this idea for a photo that will whisper at me from the back of my mind until I do it. Artists are weird like that. They have a bunch of photos on their website. Those hanging lanterns are beautiful.

The Ranch Club. That barn. There aren’t many photos on the website, but if you google it and wedding, you’ll see tons. It’s the coolest.

The White Raven. This is a new venue in Alberton. I met the owners and they’re super sweet. Remember that thing I said about winter weddings? A winter wedding here would be so. good. Any time of year though. It’s beautiful.



Fine art/conceptual sessions. What does that even mean? I build stuff and make things. I paint. I love Photoshop and composites. Let’s create something together…with you in it. Want to build a set, make a dress, have wings, cosplay, wear some crazy headpiece, something weirder, something more simple…be art? Me too. Let’s go for it. I have a second journal of ideas just for this.

With horses. I love horses. There are tons of horses around here. Let’s do some portraits with them. Especially if we can work it into a fine art session. OOooooh!

Dramatic posing and lighting. I have a couple of new lights coming in the mail and I want to play with them.


Ok. So this is enough for now. The actual list is super long. My head and books are full of ideas. See something here you want too? Let’s do it! Send me a message.


Come talk to me on social media!










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Montana Made Wedding Fair + Bitterroot Wedding Association | Beth Waldron Photography

Are you ready for the Montana Made Wedding Fair?


Oh, where do I go when I spend a month away from the blog?

Well, we do have some family things happening that have thrown us all off the rails a bit.

But…I’ve been editing sessions and sending off prints to get them turned around. Is there such a thing as being caught up? haha


I’m furiously getting ready for the Montana Made Wedding Fair!! I’m so excited!! And nervous. hahaha

It’s going to be fantastic. We’re finishing up my booth construction project this weekend and getting finishing touches and decorations. I have to pick up some portable/aim-able lights? And a couple of other things. I think I’m going to spray paint something a fun color too, so that’s always fun. I think it’s going to be really awesome!!!

There will be prints to look at… there’s a gorgeous OMG so pretty album to drool over. Don’t actually drool on it though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully my other printed item will get here in time, because it will be so cool too. (I ordered it with plenty of time, but they had a delay at the printer…such is life sometimes.) Oh…and I’m making fancy cookies. Nobody can resist cookies.

The fair is guaranteed to be amazing. I know the organizer has been working non-stop to make it sooo good.

The facebook event with ticket information is here!


I’m pretty excited about how next year’s wedding season is shaping up. I’ve booked some great couples and a few of my dream venues already. <3

Are you here checking out my blog because youโ€™re looking for a wedding photographer? I have a few dates left in 2016 and Iโ€™m booking for 2017 now as well. Winter weddings too! The fastest way to contact me is to fill out the contact form here. That contact form is the one for sessions as well!

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I know it’s still only September, but for some, domestic violence awareness is every day. They never get to forget or be complacent. It is something I care deeply about.

There is a reason I show women as strong, looking directly into the camera, and being in their power without apology.

We’re still in our baby stages here in Missoula, but you lovely people are starting to find me, and I’m feeling the need to give back. It might not be a lot yet, but it’s something. So from now on, I will start donating 10% of art sales to local charities and helpful organizations. For October, I will choose the YWCA.

If you need help now, please reach out:

Here in Missoula: http://ywcaofmissoula.org/i-need-help/

Montana: http://mcadsv.com/get-help/


Do you know someone locally, who has pulled themselves out of an abusive relationship…working so hard… staying strong…struggling to make ends meet…doing everything for their children first? Please direct them to this post. I love someone like that too and I would like to do something.

If you already got help:

Are you out of a dangerous relationship with your children, on your own, and safe currently, but finances are really tight? Did you know that having family portraits on the wall can help kids feel even more stable and boost self-esteem? I understand professional portraits are a luxury that probably comes last where you are now, and putting a photo of your family on the wall in your home is what I can do to help.

Now…I have to have some rules, right? Because I have no idea how many people will see this who need it. (if anyone will see it at all…haha)

For now, this is only open to one. I know. I wish I could do it for everyone who needs it.

A family session and one 16×20 panel that’s ready to hang on your wall of your favorite image from our session. Your name, story, or photo will not be posted unless you want me to post about it, which is not required to be chosen. The selection will be random.

I will close entry on October 16th at midnight and choose someone the week of 17-21. Thanks so much.


All you need to do to enter is fill this out:

Thank you so much to all who entered! The form has been taken down because the entry period is over. I have chosen a recipient and contacted everyone to let them know.






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The humble little studio space

The humble little studio space. Finally ready.

We moved in here around mid-June?

I love this little house we’re renting, but it’s way smaller than the giant place we were in before. We went from 4333 square feet (too much for us) to 850 square feet. It’s just right, but I had some sorting and purging to do. We’re still working on that in other areas of the house, but…

The show must go on! Right? So I had to get the studio space sorted so I can work in it. Winter is coming. haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

And it’s ready! Mostly. I have one more floor spot to paint. Under my desk. I have too many photos to edit at the moment to unhook everything and move it out of the way for a couple of days.

I have a session tomorrow though, so the majority of the space had to be ready now.

I’ll walk you through these photos…

My youngest walking through the empty space when we came to look at it/were moving in.

This spot is great because there are two rooms. One I can put all my painting and quirky artist stuff in and one I can shoot in. There’s a door between the spaces, so nobody has to see my messy art space. It is. Messy. That’s next on the list.

When we moved in, we used my space as a holding area for things we needed to sort through, get rid of, plus all of my art stuff and a bajillion books. Nobody needs that many books. I have donated 4 boxes full of books already. There are more in our storage space and we have already put the ones to keep on our shelves. Wow.

So the one photo is what happened when we tossed everything in here. Don’t judge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then I cleared it all out. The fancy couch went to the living room to replace our old couch. The bookcase was moved. It was pretty empty in here and the light is great. Will be a nice space to shoot. And the bonus is that now there are two spaces to shoot. Because the fun couch is out in the living room with the wood floor. YES!!

That floor though. So. Ugly.

We’re renting. I have permission from the owner/landlord to put some pallet wood or reclaimed wood down and I would still like to do that. I have to be able to work in here now though and that floor was just…ugh.

$30 garage floor paint in gray to the rescue. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better.

Put the reflector/fake corner up, put the skirt back on my lady friend there. The bench, a little fake fur on the floor…

It works. It’s still very humble and pretty bare. I’m pretty great at making magic in not so magical places though. I know it will be awesome.

That last shot was a backdrop test with a drop I painted myself. My boys are the cutest. ๐Ÿ™‚


Are you here checking out my blog because youโ€™re looking for a wedding photographer? I have a few dates left in 2016 and Iโ€™m booking for 2017 now as well. Winter weddings too! The fastest way to contact me is to fill out the contact form here. That contact form is the one for sessions as well!

Come talk to me on social media!




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Condon, Montana Wedding – Angie + Joel

A Condon, Montana Wedding

You guys, these are my kind of people! Down to Earth and laid back. Making funny faces and jokes. Photobombing. Flannel. Antlers all over. Beer hats. Dogs. And also, gorgeous dresses, flowers, cool boots, and a seriously amazing ring. Montana folks.

It would have been completely understandable for anyone to get stressed because the weather wasn’t cooperative and we ended up hiding in the garage for a bit while it poured, and the clouds were covering the gorgeous mountain backdrop they wanted. No stress at all. Happy smiles and fun and going with the flow instead.

Such a beautiful location to have a wedding. Out on a private residence in the Seeley Swan area, which is easily one of the most gorgeous places in Montana. A little rain couldn’t stop their wedding from being awesome. Clouds covering the mountains couldn’t stop us from finding photo-worthy locations. Take that, weather!


Are you here checking out my blog because you’re looking for a wedding photographer? I have a few dates left in 2016 and I’m booking for 2017 as well. Winter weddings too! The fastest way to contact me is to fill out the contact form here.

Come talk to me on social media!




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It begins!

Wondering where I’ve been? Because I’ve been pretty quiet on the old blog here.

The biggest and most awesome thing first…we moved. haha I know, we were only in the last place for one year. Such is the life of renters sometimes. We liked that place, but it was in the hills on the south part of town and it was huge. My shooting space and my painting studio were on the 3rd level down from the front door in the basement. Not ideal.

Anyway, so we moved into a place that is much smaller and much cheaper, but has a space where I can paint and have a humble little shooting area on the same level as the rest of the house. It’s not a palace, but it’s cozy and feels right. I’m not shooting in here yet…the maintenance people are doing some work on the outside of the house. Soon.

We wanted to be closer to my mother-in-law in town. Now we can ride our bikes there! So awesome.

Someday I will have a studio outside of my home, but this is pretty great.

So I’ve been unpacking a bunch, selling a few things, donating a lot of stuff, and tossing things. Feels amazing!!! I have taken some much needed painting breaks. I’ll get some of that stuff up here too!

And, as the title of the post suggests…things are taking off here as the wedding and senior season gets going.

Things are awesome. Missoula is awesome. You are awesome.

And because no blog post is complete on a photographer blog without a photo, here is an image from an ongoing macro nature/texture series:


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Stella Pearl – A bathtub pinup shoot

A pinup style shoot with the glorious Stella Pearl from The Cigarette Girls Burlesque. My first one! Stella has this cute bathroom with a vintage style tub. I love the color! The bubbles! This was fun! Not my usual style… sometimes it’s fun to change it up a bit and try new things. My favorite is the one from above, where she’s looking all Dita/old Hollywood. <3


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Honor your old work and take care of your magical creature

The other day I was on the phone with my mom and she told me she put this painting I did in high school up on her living room wall. I groaned. Every time I look at that painting I see where I screwed it up. I have always hated that painting. But she loves it. She loves it because it’s something I made and she never notices that place where I messed up.

I hardly ever talk about them, but I grew up with another person too. An angry person who belittled everyone’s achievements by ruthlessly making fun of their missteps and always finding that one place where you screwed up and hoped they wouldn’t notice. Even the smallest of things can make a big impression on kids. …Watching a TV show where someone is singing and they hit a wrong note. He laughs and makes fun of how bad they suck, even though the rest of it was awesome. …Here or there, that kind of thing doesn’t leave such a mark. But when it’s any time (every time) someone slips, it adds up.

A while ago, my son was being too hard on himself about something and I heard myself say, “People get good at things by practicing. Trying. Doing it over and over. Making mistakes teaches you how to do it next time.”

So I need to be careful. Kids hear what you say, but they learn by example. And I’m so hard on myself all the time, but especially when I make a mistake. So hard on myself.

I know where I learned that behavior. But you know what? That person who laughs at everyone when they make a mistake…you know what they’ve ever created or done? Nothing. They never tried because they think failure is the worst.

Fear of failure is paralyzing. And it kills creativity. Just keep moving. Just keep taking steps forward. Make mistakes. Keep moving. It’s hard. You’re definitely going to fail at some point. But that’s how you learn a new way to do it. Just keep doing it.

I’m still working at this. I’m way more gentle with myself when it comes to photography than with painting. I am really hard on my paintings. But, I’m pretty hard on myself about everything and I hate to think that my sons are learning this behavior from me.

Treat your creativity like a magical creature. Like a dragon or a unicorn. (haha Stay with me.) You have to feed it and love it, but you can’t just let it pee on the carpet and eat your shoes either. I mean, allow yourself to step back and try to be objective about whether something is working or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Critique is good for you. But don’t be so hard on yourself that you squash it. It’s the only one…your dragon or unicorn isn’t like anyone else’s.

So I’m done hating on that painting that my mom loves so much. Recently, I was given one of the first quilts my mom ever made. I love it. I’m honored to have it. I asked her how to clean it because it was dirty when it arrived and she said something like, ‘eh, it’s not that great anyway. If stuff comes off of it, it’s ok. It’s the first one I made.’ Creative people. *eyeroll* That’s why it’s special, you doof.

Let’s all honor our old work for the important step toward our current place that it is.

Since we’re talking about it, why don’t I post some art work here finally? You know, instead of hiding it in my basement… ๐Ÿ˜‰

This top one is an underpainting. It is unfinished. It’s what I’m working on right now. It has been sitting for a month like this in my living room. Because of life and other work. I’ll keep going. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I apologize for the iphone image…


Here’s more… a sampling of newer paintings, old college work, and a few photos, in no particular order.


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What is boudoir?

Technically, boudoir is a woman’s private sitting room or bedroom, but when we think of boudoir photography, I think a lot of people think only of ladies posing in sexy lingerie. (Or dudeoir, which is a thing…I’d like to try shooting dudeoir I think)

It’s a lot more than that to me. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Friday I shot The Cigarette Girls’ Valentine’s Day burlesque show. I will let the lovely ladies share their photos when they would like…but I mention it because I finally realized something about why I really love boudoir (and beauty/glamour photography as well).

I always have fun at burlesque shows. If you’ve never been, you should go to one. Yes, they take off most of their clothes. It’s good bawdy fun. Theyย  put a lot of effort into costuming, routines, music choices and entertaining.

When I go to a show as part of the audience, I’m just having fun and being entertained. Maybe sometimes I’ll do some deep thinking about it, but for the most part I’m just “Yeahhhh!!!” and “Woooohoooo!!”. When I go as a photographer, my role changes because I’m observing and waiting for moments. So I’m paying more attention.

I caught these expressions of exhilarated happiness and freedom on the faces of the performers. Like, at the moment they have just taken the last thing off, an expression of being very satisfied with yourself and loving what you’re doing so much. I love that look.

And here we are, back to my point…this is what boudoir (and beauty/glamour) is to me. We don’t all have the performing chops or the guts/desire to put our goods out there on stage. It’s not for everyone.

Having a boudoir session is a way to do something really freeing like that, with a huge confidence boost, but in a more intimate and private way.

See boudoir that inspires me on Pinterest.

Talking with friends before about how I wanted to start offering boudoir, I heard a lot of this: “OH…I’ve always wanted to do boudoir photos, but…”, with a variety of reasons why they haven’t/can’t/are waiting. I’ll call it the:

List of Fears and Funny Ideas about Boudoir Photos

OH…I’ve always wanted to do boudoir photos, but…

I’m waiting until I lose X pounds…ย  I hate to sound clichรฉ , but seriously…your weight doesn’t matter. I mean, if you think you need to lose it, I know it matters to you, but don’t wait to do things or love on yourself until “later” if it’s something you actually want to do now. Do it now. Then do it again later. See what I did there? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides, seeing awesome photos of yourself is a proven confidence booster.

I’m too old… pshhhhh No, you aren’t. I follow this lady on IG who’s almost 90 and super awesome… she’s all crazy outfits, colors, and fun. I love her. I have a Pinterest board with a bunch of beautiful white- and gray-haired ladies. If anything, when you’re older, you have more self-knowledge and life experience that shows in your eyes and how you carry yourself. Own it.

I don’t want photos of my booty on the internet… Ok. I get that. That new boudoir gallery here on my website? The woman in those photos is a professional model. Boudoir is a new offering here. In the future, I will make a second website just for beauty and boudoir. Even then, it’s entirely up to you whether all or some of your boudoir photos are public or private. I have a secret boudoir group on Facebook, where I will post images if you’ve signed a model release. (If you want to be added, message me or email me) Why is it secret? Well…I respect that boudoir photos aren’t like other photos. I’ve made the group secret so that your images are protected from random creeper eyeballs and comments. The group is moderated by me and is by invite only for clients and their friends.

I don’t have a partner, so who am I going to take boudoir photos for?… Yourself. I mean, if you want to do it, then you don’t have to wait to gift someone with photos. You can do it for you. Get a book and keep it in your undie drawer. Put a photo over your bed or in your walk-in closet. Put a wall grouping in your master bath or whatever private space you like. A nice reminder in the morning while you’re getting ready for the day. “Ooh…check me out.” *eyebrow waggle* It’s like when you wear sexy undies and nobody knows but you…

I’m too awkward/shy/not into lingerie and makeup… haha This sounds like me. I feel like a doof in lingerie. I’m too much of a goofball. I remember one time, trying to be sexy when I was like 20, I flipped my hair and hit my head on something and then laughed my head off. Suuuuper sexy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like some character in a hilarious movie. I have adult-size footie jammies that my husband calls my ‘Yeti suit’. My boudoir photos would probably be with a superhero T-shirt and my funny knee-high socks. (Ooh, I’m feeling a boudoir selfie project coming on…) Here’s the thing I think is the most important… you don’t have to wear lingerie if that’s not you. It’s about you. If you want to do a session in unicorn jammies with a book and a cup of tea, then that’s what we’ll do. OMG, haha… I totally want to do that now.

Makeup and hair optional, but it does feel good and pamper-y to have your makeup and hair done.

Finally, one more thing…if a boudoir session just isn’t something you ever want, but you do love the idea of gifting yourself a photo session, then go for it.

So there you have it. What I love about it is your beautiful expression of self and the look you get when you see yourself the way I see you. Beauty really does come from within. Here, I’ll show you. I can’t show you any more of this session though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ *eyebrow waggle*

To book your own boudoir or beauty session, go here.

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