Sometimes you have questions. I can answer some of them here. 

Can I call you? I have more/different questions.

I am so excited to talk to you. The fastest way to talk to me is to use the contact form here. I get a text when you hit submit that tells me you sent me a message. The next option is to text me directly. 

A call may go to voicemail because I have small humans and if they are around, they don't care about my phone call with you one bit. You saw that video of the guy on the news interview from home when his children strolled on in? Yep. It's just like that. 

Are you legal/insured/have backups?

Yes. I am a licensed business in the city of Missoula. I am insured and I can provide a certificate for your venue. I have backup cameras, backup flashes and lights, and lenses. 

Do you work with a second photographer?

Sometimes. We can add a second photographer if needed. Large weddings, parties getting ready in two locations, many extended family members and formals make a second photographer really useful. Occasionally I may have an assistant. 

Do you give digital files?

Yes, though I am focused on making you beautiful things with your photos so the provided high resolution files will print 8x12 or smaller. I work hard to make sure the art we make looks amazing and is high quality. It's such a beautiful feeling to open a box that contains the book I designed for you or the prints from your session. I cry. You might cry. I love that too. Happy tears. Yesssss. We'll cry together. 

Do you print my photos for our ordering session?

Before I was a photographer, I was a geologist...an environmental geochemist. At home, we recycle, we compost, we conserve water. I am committed to printing your art because you are worth it and art is worth it. I am also committed to only making what we choose together so nothing gets wasted. So for now, we view your photos together and order. Then I deliver or you can pick them up later. 

In fact, I try to do most things electronically. Contracts and payments are done electronically, and most of my brochures are PDF only. Now that I have the studio space, I am making menus for pricing that will stay there. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! For weddings I split the balance into 4 equal payments of 25%. The first 25% is the retainer, which is due at booking, and then the remaining balance is spread over 3 payments. I send reminder emails, and and the last payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding date. 

For sessions, the retainer for the session is due at booking, but the remaining balance or collection cost can be split into payments as well. Products and images will be delivered after the balance is paid. 

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