Beauty and boudoir

Have you ever wanted to have a glamour or boudoir session but you haven't yet? Why? You don't really need a reason, but here are a few:

You're awesome

You look amazing 

You have a new outfit/new hair/new tattoo

You just went through a big change or you're about to 

You need a huge confidence boost

Your beauty or boudoir shoot can be as glamorous, natural, sexy, or comfy as you want. 

A session is $350 and includes our styling, our session, professional hair and makeup, and a meeting after your session to make our final selections before ordering your print collection. 

I designed the collections to have beauty session or boudoir session specific products, but we can overlap them as well. There are books, wall portraits, and several options for portrait presentation boxes. I help you decide. That's what I'm here for. 

*I now have a dedicated boudoir space in the studio... not just for the ladies...guys...you can do it too. There's a whole dudoir thing. Couples boudoir shoots are also a thing now. Message me

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The basics:


This is pretty dependent on style and we will definitely talk about this before your session. I can even come help you pick something out. But, generally: 

For beauty portraits, bring 4 or 5 outfits. Things that make you feel good. Sparkly things and fancy dresses are always fun. And something black. Remember to bring some jewelry. 

For boudoir, bra and undies sets, sweaters, shawls, fun shoes, jewelry, t-shirts. This really depends on your style. 

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