I love photographing your weddings so much, but I have decided to book fewer of them. That doesn't mean I won't take your wedding! So don't run away yet.

(If you're wondering about this decision, it's TL;DR for here, but I wrote a whole blog about it: Why am I doing less of something I love so much?) A small update though...I did have a 6 hour wedding day recently and I WAS FINE. Yay!

I do tend to get relaxed and laid back couples and couples who want things a little more non-traditional. Is this you? I'm happy to chat wedding stuff with you!

This might mean mainly shorter/smaller local ceremonies, elopements, vow renewals, etc. 2-6 hours.

But...I've had some really fun and quirky weddings, friends, and it's pretty hard to say goodbye to fun. So, your 7 or 8 hour day isn't out of the question...

I've photographed weddings with circus performers on stilts, bagpipe players in kilts, people riding up to the ceremony on Razrs and horse drawn carriages, local private estate weddings, biker weddings, catered dining experiences in place of traditional receptions, family picnic style parties in gardens with games, weddings with classic cars, with performances on roller-skates wearing ship headpiece wigs, dogs in ceremonies, parties with jello shots and dance offs...haha not all at once, these are my personal highlights.

You can see why it's hard for me to pass on weddings altogether. It's seriously a great time for all involved.

I've also photographed more traditional weddings with awesome wedding planners at gorgeous venues with full length days that start with getting ready photos and end with late night partying and silly dance photos. To be honest, I really do love those full length days with magazine-beautiful weddings with amazing flowers, sparkly, fancy details, and a gorgeous cake. If I take fewer, then one or two here or there are probably fine? I can also refer you to some amazing local photographers for full length days like this. haha As you can see, I'm struggling with the decision. Because photographing weddings isn't for everyone, but some of us absolutely love it.

Anyway...I considered not booking weddings anymore but that makes me too sad. And this change in service means I can take weddings other photographers may not take, because some photographers don't book shorter coverage on days they could book full coverage, like Saturdays.

Here's a couple of imaginary scenarios:

You and your partner want a shorter and relaxed day with a few family and friends at a more intimate venue or outdoors. You're introverts and you'd like to have a good time with your favorite people around you, and the big to-do feels like way too much, but you do still want some photos.

You and your partner want something different from everyone else, and you're making your own favors/decor because you're an artist. Your friend is a designer and they helped you alter your ceremony clothing. You want awesome photos but fewer hours of coverage to stick to a budget.

You and your partner are part of ________ fandom and you cosplay at _______ con. Your wedding is going to have all sorts of geeky nods to this fandom or an all-out theme. You want 4-6 hours of coverage.

You ARE having the sparkly magazine style wedding and simply want fewer hours of photography because you don't necessarily need getting ready photos or documentation of all of the late night shenanigans at the party.

You're going to have a hot air balloon or horses at your wedding. haha I'm just tossing that out there because a girl can dream.

Imagine yourself in these scenarios with an easygoing photographer for 4-6 hours and I'm your girl. The above scenarios are not the only possible fit. Obviously it won't take much arm twisting to get me there for longer days either, so if you've read enough to know you want to chat, then let's go get some coffee or a beer and talk.


6 hour collection

6 hours of photography coverage
engagement session
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4 hour collection

4 hours of photography coverage
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2 hour collection

2 hours of photography coverage
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Some Q&A

How long have you been a photographer?

Officially since 2013, but I photographed a handful of weddings as a second shooter for other photographers before that.

How do you protect our images?

My cameras have dual card slots and each photo I take saves to both cards. When I upload my photos to edit, they are saved to two separate drives and the cloud, and backed up automatically to an online backup service.

Do you edit all of the photos?

I cull photos to make sure you get the best but aren't overloaded. Also, you don't need 4 of the same photo when I was trying to get one without your uncle blinking or little kid in the front making that face. Also, you don't need the shot where you were partially blinking or talking or whatever. You get the idea. The end result of culling the unnecessary and leaving the gems is that you get an average of 50-75 edited photos per hour of coverage. And your gallery is cohesive, color correct, and professionally edited.

Do you photograph themed weddings?

Yes. Please.

Can we see full galleries?

Sure! I'll happily send you a couple of full galleries if you want to see them.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry insurance and I can provide your venue with a certificate if needed, as long as I have a heads up to get it ready.

Do you photograph ______ weddings?

The answer is yes. If you don't see yourself represented on my page, it means I need you, obviously.

I went to a wedding Q&A panel once where the topic of LGBTQ clients came up and the panel guest said, "If I don't see someone like myself represented, I probably won't contact them." Aw, sadness. It's an odd sort of feedback loop, isn't it? I can do free photos with models that might not represent real clients, but other than that, how can I show someone I haven't had the opportunity to work with? I'm way overthinking this, but my language on my pages is inclusive for a reason. So come on in!

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot with two full frame Nikons and a range of lenses for different focal lengths. I bring along lights and stands for dance floor photos.

When will we get our photos?

Photos are delivered in 6 to 8 weeks. I get so excited that I'll probably text you a couple of photos here or there.


From planners

"I had the pleasure of working a wedding this weekend with Beth. The original planner on the event had a family emergency and I ended up taking on the wedding (planning) on short notice. The clients were even delayed to the venue to start the wedding ceremony - which could have caused vendors to panic. But seriously - nothing rattled this photographer, which is such a great quality when working weddings. She just got the job done well, and kept the client at ease. I can't wait to see more images!"

Autumn, Events by Autumn in MT

"As a wedding planner Beth is one of my favorite photographers to work with. She takes time with the couple to make sure everything is just right from the lighting to the smallest detail. She has fun and brings out the best in the couples she shoots and it shows in the photos. She has an amazing eye, is a complete professional, and knows what she is doing!"

Erika, Plum Tree Events in MT

From Clients

"I love Beth!!! She's so chill and cool to have around in your wedding day. Helped me laugh and kept things light hearted!"

Michelle, Bride

"I am so impressed!! I love them!! I cannot thank you enough! We are so happy. You did an absolutely wonderful job!"

Angela, Bride

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