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When I'm not photographing or editing weddings, I paint and run off in the desert with a camera. I have a background in geology as well, and I'm fascinated by color, texture, and the natural world. Much of my work is actually play, inspired by rocks and soil, desert textures, and wildlife. I love dried plants and seed pods, skulls, minerals, and interesting looking sticks. Even though I play with vibrant colors, the darker aspects of life...death and decay are part of the natural world and show up in my work here and there.

With our move back to New Mexico, I'm finally allowing space on my website for my art. It's an imperfect option to display art with no captions or information about size or medium, but it's here. Done is better than perfect for now. I'll be working on proper photos of paintings and photos of other work as soon as the new studio space is finished.

It means so much to me that you're here looking at my art. For interest in paintings or prints of either paintings or photographs, please contact me via email at