The love of a dog

When I was a kid, I wanted a horse. I decided a mini horse would be fine, because then I could keep it in the house, right? I would take care of it myself and my parents wouldn’t have to do anything at all. It could live in my closet. Somehow, my parents weren’t as into this idea as I was and they just kept saying no. I can’t imagine why.

As long as I can remember, I have had dogs in my life. There are tons of photos of me rolling around on the floor with dogs. At some point, I saw a great dane and I just thought that was the best dog I had ever seen. A dog the size of a mini horse. Yes. I had to have one. Someday.

Of course, they eat a ton of food, and that food makes a lot of poop, and they have larger bodies and larger vet bills … and that’s a serious commitment to make. So when my husband and I had bought a house, and we had a yard of our own, and no rental size requirements, I finally got my baby dane.

Can you even? What? How is anything on earth that cute?

She went everywhere with me. I was in grad school, so she went to hang out in my office with me, she went in the field for field work, we went to training classes, and she was just the best girl. Then she got sick and we spend a huge amount of money to make her better. She had food and skin allergies and we changed all the dogs to her super expensive food. We had three dogs at the time. She got better but had to take meds for a long time.

She was there for the pregnancy and birth for both of my boys. She took great care of me when I was pregnant. So concerned and gentle. She was super sweet with my babies too. Everyone loved her. Everywhere we went. She was the sweetest, gentle head butting, leaner of a dog.

I have spent almost all of every day for the last 10 years and 8 months with my best friend and doggie soul mate. She followed me to every room, even when she was having a hard time with her legs. I would tell her she could stay on her comfy bed, but she would still follow me. Right next to me always. The last couple of years were hard because I could see her slowing down and I would never be ready to lose her. Ever. And that happened last weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we brought home a puppy a little over a month ago to see if we could pep her up a little, and for the boys to love on. And she liked the puppy, so she would play with him a little. She was so sweet with him. But she was so tired. So one night she wouldn’t get up from the kitchen floor, so I slept on the couch to be near her, and when I woke up to check on her, she was already gone.

My awesome friend Amy Jones took that photo of Sephie after she helped us buy our house in Corrales. Sephie was so happy to be back in New Mexico and she loved it here as much as we do.

Dogs like to have friends, and even though Sirius (the Dog Star) was only with her for a month, he already loved her. He was looking for her and needed a friend. So we picked up one of his sisters to come live with us too. We named her Artemis. (Yes…we are nerds) Siri and Artie have some really big paws to fill.

Persephone, Sephie, Tyrannosephus Rex, Super Pooper. 1-12-09 to 8-31-19. Miss you forever.

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