Aw, I miss photographing boudoir

When we moved back here to New Mexico from Montana, I was thinking I was only going to photograph weddings. Mostly because I’m spending more time painting and there are only so many hours in the day. Plus the studio space isn’t quite finished and my art has kind of taken the space over. It’s almost there. I need to put flooring over the concrete. So … I haven’t really advertised women’s sessions or tried to book any.

Here’s the thing though … I love photographing women’s portraits and boudoir. So much.

I was going through one of my hard drives looking for a specific file and I came across this:

The first thought through my head … ohhhh, I miss photographing women. So much.

And … I still have my amazing vintage couch and chair set.

And … I already have an off-my-regular-website boudoir web page. And … It’s so easy to just put A LINK TO IT RIGHT HERE!

Now, see? Look what I did. Oops. 😉

Actually, I’m not sorry at all.

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