Actually in Corrales...

See the famous Corrales tree-lined street?

K is gorgeous and so sweet. We have loads of photos but I'm going to drip them out in blog posts over time. This was such an awesome session and she was such a great model. I'm so happy she answered my call.

We went to a few locations here in Corrales before heading to my studio for some shots with the studio lights.

She is magic with a smile that makes you smile too.

I'll show a few more photos in blog posts to come...

But, hey! You can have great senior photos too! Actually, I've decided to focus on teens and tweens because they are my favorite sessions. There's nothing better than taking photos of someone who's somewhere in that awkward stage of life where they're figuring out who they are going to be in the world, and showing them how amazing they are already. It's so eye-opening for some and super fun for me. That's the sweet spot, people. Mine anyway.

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