The dogs aren't engaged haha

Aren't they cute though?

Actually, I think my couple is pretty private about stuff so I won't be sharing their photos here. I'll share these cutie dogs though, because dogs are the best and I love them. They're mostly for interest...

I have things to say today.

Lovey dovey things that might be cringey and oversharing even but, whatever. Here we go.

I had not picked up my cameras in a while. I decided to take fewer weddings unless they were going to be shorter, more intimate weddings, local to me, or something I couldn't pass up because it's too cool. (In fact, the next one I have is here in Corrales at Casa Perea and will be a more private wedding.) Because I didn't have a firm direction after that decision, I basically just stopped marketing for photography altogether. I've been focusing entirely on painting. Anyway...

I went out for this session a few weeks ago and it was so fun. Not just hanging out with my awesome couple, but the feel of walking with my camera in my hand, looking for the right spots, chatting, and just...the whole thing. I love it. I remember I love that part. All the parts, really.

This week, something else happened that made me have a realization. I'll keep that to myself because it's terribly sad, but...

At our photo sessions you let me into your moments that are normally just for you. You may go on with your lives after, but I see your faces as I choose and edit photos and even years later because I hold onto photos. I friend some of you on social media and I keep up with what's happening.

Somehow, I'm allowed into your lives, with your milestones, happiness and silliness, and with more intimate moments and insecurities as well. And I am honored to be there with you. I become invested in the lives and loves of my people. I see when you change your profile photo to a photo I took of you and it gives me feelings. I just...

I miss taking photos of people.

I put my cameras down and stopped marketing when I didn't know whether to stop doing photography now since I absolutely loved shooting weddings so much or if I should switch to portraits. I wasn't sure what to focus on because "portraits" is sort of vague. I started spinning about what type of portraits I wanted to focus on. I just really overthink things sometimes. haha

Maybe that isn't so important. The important part is I want to take photos of people again. We'll start there and maybe we can define it better later. Okay?

I'm going to take some more time, because it's summer and my boys are home.. I'm also getting ready for the Corrales Art Studio Tour so now isn't the time to schedule a bunch of things and split focus. But I am going to start tossing some marketing out there again. Probably for scheduling in September. I guess that's called a relaunch!