Oh hi!

If you got here from the other website you may have noticed I separated photography and painting onto separate web spaces. It was just too confusing for me to try and use one website for multiple things. And if it's confusing to me, then it's probably confusing to you. We can't have that.

You may have also noticed that this new website is less focused on weddings and more focused on portraits.

As a result, it's a little ... minimal. So far. Well, after about 10 years pretty much only focusing on weddings, I'm stepping away a bit. I have one more wedding (which I can't wait for because I love weddings!) in October. The decision didn't come lightly. It's mostly because I have an autoimmune condition and my body wants me to be nicer to it.

This website has pages for family, seniors, couples, headshots, and "portraits". Most of those explain themselves, but portraits is more fuzzy. That category is for more intimate one on one portrait sessions in the studio. I have a small home studio (shared with painting) which works for sessions with one or two people. Actually it's perfect because it's a little cozy space. When I was first doing portraits in Montana I used a 3x6 foot spot in my basement next to a window. haha Fancy. But if we could make magic there, we can make magic here.

So I'm portrait focused now. Here. On the other site it's all art all the time. And as many photographers do, photography is like my second job. These days, being an artist is my day job.

Hey! Photography is art! You're totally right there. This is art I make for others and the painting is art I make for myself. Makes sense to have them on separate websites. ;)

SO here we go into 2022 with two new websites, a new work/work balance and we'll see where it takes us!

The photo below is one of my favorites from that tiny basement window in Montana. I was basically right next to her with a 50 mm lens. And she was right next to the window. On the other side of the box I had her in was storage with boxes. What luxury! You don't need a huge beautiful studio to make beautiful portraits.

So email me and we'll set up a shoot out here at the homestead. You can say hi to my chickens on your way in. Corrales is awesome like that.