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Sometimes you're just busy.

You know you need new headshots, but you've been putting it off because you don't have time for a consult or long chat about what you need.

Moms and dads, sometimes the schedules for school and soccer and appointments are overwhelming and you want new family photos but just haven't scheduled it.

Maybe you're an introvert and the idea of a phone call or consult before a session is too much, so you keep setting it aside.

Or you just want an easy way to schedule a call or a wedding consult.

I get it. Whether you're a business professional, busy parent, or you just want to schedule something fast.

I made it easier.

This is easy for scheduling headshots, wedding consult appointments, and to book a call on a certain day/time to chat about a session.

You can also easily reserve a family or senior session by paying the retainer and setting a date here and then chat with me about specifics after. We can reschedule if we need more time, to travel, or to book your session outside of regular business hours.

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