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About Beth

About Beth

Talking about myself isn't really my favorite thing. Let's see if I can sum myself up in three short-ish and fun sentences...

Playing with light and color is what I get to do for a living. I'm always filled with wonder at how beautiful everything around us is when we really look.

I've been told I make people feel comfortable and relaxed, but I think it's because I'm just me and I accept you as however you are. I love how different everyone is.

I do little dances when things make me happy and I'm not afraid to be a giant nerd about something I love. My husband says I keep him young.

Speaking of my family...I've spent almost every day of the last 16 years with my favorite person. We have two boys and share our house with a goofy great dane and two cats.

Beth as a photographer

Anyone can be a photographer. Very little of what we do is about pressing that button. I have this it what you want, but people feel comfortable with me and they tell me what makes them happy or what's going wrong. You let me in. You allow me to be a fly on the wall, or to direct, or you laugh with me (most of the time at me, actually), and you tell me about your hopes and insecurities. You allow me to be part of your families and be witness to your private moments and your inside jokes.

So that's what it's really about. That's why I do this.

We'll make beautiful, real photos. And then we'll make quality art with it. Because you and your family should be proudly displayed in your home.