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About Beth

I think I'm supposed to say something like "Professional photographer based in New Mexico"... but truthfully it's more like "Artist and introvert who spends a lot of time with her great dane and drinks too much coffee." ;)

I'm an artist and photographer, a mom to two funny boys, an ancient great dane, and two cats. I've spent the last 16 years with my favorite person...married for 14 of them. When I'm not photographing people, I'm usually painting in the studio, working on our fixer-upper house, or working in our garden.

6 things about me:

What do I read? A lot of business books... also Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, JK Rowling, Brene Brown

What's on the radio? I listen to a little bit of everything except country. I'm just as likely to listen to Julieta Venegas or Belanova as I am Imagine Dragons or Reverend Horton Heat.

What's on TV? I love superhero/witchy/supernatural/geeky TV. And baking shows, nature shows, and I watch art and caking videos on Youtube.

What do I wear? Rainbows, unicorns, funny leggings, ironic T-shirts, and space shoes. Not all together, I am an adult.

What do I like to do? Play with my boys, paint, lie on the floor with our dog, take macro photos, photos of birds, hike, bike, play with our chickens, bake, grow food in our garden, learn, think about writing something...

My prized possessions ... I have a lot of toys in the art area of my studio, rocks and minerals, a collection of tarot decks, dried plants, animal bones, antlers, and art by other artists.

Next to the photo of me is my favorite photo from our "reception". We eloped to Vegas, so we had a costume party when we got back. It's my favorite because it was taken by a friend and look how cute my husband is. *I don't use emojis on my website, but you can imagine the star-eyed one here*

Beth as a photographer

My passion is finding ways for you to feel comfortable enough in front of my camera to be your true self. You can see when smiles, laughter, and emotional moments are truth. Sometimes people are great at those moments naturally, and sometimes I help by creating the conditions for those moments to happen. I love catching the real connection between people in love.

Mountain trail engagement - Albuquerque photographer