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Friends, I love making you beautiful and meaningful things.

Your memories belong in print ...

People say that after your wedding is over, and the cake is eaten, and the flowers are gone, your photos are forever. But in our fast-paced social media world, our moments are quickly overtaken by the next big thing. Our memories are living in the cloud and pop up once a year in our timelines or sit on our hard drives with good intentions of printing someday.

I want more for my couples. I want to put a book in your hands that takes you back in time when you look at it and uses all of your senses. Tangible memories.

I feel so strongly about it that I've made it easy ... 3 of our collections include a book.

Designed for you

I love beautiful things that are well-made and can also be fun. I chose my album companies based on quality craftsmanship, an eye for detail, luxury materials that are also really cool, and their stellar customer service experience.

The modern album

Luxury and fun cover materials, lay flat design, beautiful binding.

Wedding albums at Beth Waldron StudiosBeautiful wedding album details Tailor designed wedding albums in Corrales

Thick pages. Fabric, metal, canvas, and acrylic covers. Choices in size and number of pages.

Wedding album page thicknessWedding album side detailsTwo tone details on wedding albumsBeautiful wedding album detailsMetal cover album at Beth Waldron Studios

Designed for you (by me).

Albuquerque wedding photographer wedding bookBride getting ready wedding albumAlbuquerque wedding photographer album ceremony

Thinner pages make great alternative books. Smaller sizes are good parent albums and guest books.

Parent books at Beth Waldron StudiosParent books and small albumsParent books and small books at Beth Waldron Studios

How it works

I love this part ... going through your whole day and choosing images that show your story. Your mom and friends helping you get ready, everyone waiting inside for the rain to stop so the ceremony can happen, your dog coming up the aisle, surprise stilt walkers, when he sang to you during the ceremony, that embarrassing story during the toast that made everyone laugh, your friend's crazy dance moves, and, of course, all the decorations you put yourself into, and you two ... every story is different.

I put all of the pieces together and choose options for cover materials based on the overall feel of your day.

And then we look at the design together. Here there's an option to swap images, choose more pages, and pick your cover.

At this meeting the design is finalized and the order is placed, and then you get your album in a few weeks.

This gallery below is one full album. If you click on the first image, you can flip through the whole book:

I'd love to answer your questions. You can contact me here, by email, or using this chat box if you're on a laptop/desktop.