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The photographer for people who love artfully composed, beautifully edited and dramatic images. Extra points if you're quirky and fun, with a love of art, science, and/or general nerding. You're my people. Or I'm your people. However that works.

A quick story about me:

Artist turned geochemist turned artist again. I have always loved photography, and I picked it up seriously while working on a PhD. In love with photography, but not sure what to do about it, I found a local Albuquerque wedding photographer who showed me the ropes and allowed me to tag along to his weddings. And I was hooked. Thanks to him, I found my way here. It's a little unconventional (I am that) but my ideal life is photographing people and painting the rest of the time. So here I am.

Your experience:

First, we meet to make sure you're getting the right photographer. It's important to love their work, but also like them as a person. Your photographer is going to be with you a lot and you want to feel comfortable with them being there for personal moments. If your meetings are super awkward, then those moments might be too.

So we'll meet...probably at my studio. We'll talk about you, your wedding plans (what you know...don't stress about it), and I'll go through all the details about collections, investment, and contracts, which will definitely be more fun and relaxed than it sounds.

While you're here, you can look at books and art. Each collection includes a reveal appointment when your images are ready and you order books and art at that time as well. Your initial consult is a great time to get an idea of what we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been a photographer?

Officially since 2013, though I photographed a handful of weddings and was a second for other photographers before that.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry insurance and I can provide your venue with a certificate, as long as I have a heads up to get it ready.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a Nikon girl. I wear a hip holster with two cameras, each with a different lens, at your wedding. I use the light available to me, and I bring lighting for situations where I need to make light.

How do you protect our images?

I take this very seriously. In each camera, I use two SD cards which save the same images as a primary and a backup. I keep full cards in a separate location from empty cards in a protective wallet on me at all times during the wedding. As soon as I get home from your wedding, I load the images from the cards to 2 separate drives and an online backup. I save the labeled cards with the original images on them until the edited images are delivered to you. So, in the event that a card fails, there's a backup card. In the extremely unlikely event that both cards fail, I use small to medium sized cards so that the amount of time lost is small. If needed, there are card data retrieval companies who specialize in getting lost data from failed cards. After saying all of that, this has not happened to me. Let's keep it that way.

What if I'm not fun and quirky?

Oh, I bet you are. If you're still here and reading all of this haven't left because my writing isn't normal and what is expected of professionals, then you're good.

Do you photograph _____ type of wedding?

The answer is yes. On the home page I have a badge that says "This business serves everyone" and I mean it. LGBTQ, body positive, tattooed, not tattooed, regular folks...anyone. I would make your cake, if I made cakes. You know what I'm getting at. If you like my work, I have your date available, we hit it off, and I fit your budget, then I'll photograph your wedding.

When will we get our photos?

It can take 6 to 8 weeks during busy times, but it's usually faster than that. I do post a peek or two on Instagram within a day or two. Sometimes I'm so wired from the excitement when I get home that I post one that night. I know this is a time where everything happens at lightening speed, but I'll take quality over speed any day. I want to make sure you're getting the best and your images get my full attention.

Can you edit my _____ out?

I discuss this with you so I know how you feel about it. If you want it, standard editing includes editing things that aren't permanent parts of your body, like the inevitable spot that shows up on the day you least want it. You're beautiful already. For more involved edits, like body changes and such, I do offer additional image retouching for a per image fee.

Will you photograph my wedding outside of Albuquerque/Santa Fe?

Yes. There is a travel fee of $0.55 per mile for anywhere beyond 60 miles from Corrales, NM.

Why should I choose you over -insert other photographer here-?

Well, there are so many great photographers here in our area. You can't really go wrong choosing anyone. I'm sure it's hard to choose. Beautiful photos are only one part of the consideration. So...I'm mostly silly and fun, but I stay on track and take things seriously. I stay on top of schedules and check in regularly. I check in with other vendors and I'm friendly and helpful. And...somehow I am able to appear relaxed and laid back, even when I have a million things happening at once and I'm directing people. I'm great under pressure. Hopefully everything goes right, but if it doesn't, you want someone who can roll with it and keep you relaxed and remembering what it's all about. That's me.

Have other questions? Ready to meet and talk about your plans? Just want to say hi? Contact me.

You can also try to catch me using the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen (this option only works from your computer).