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We're bringing heirlooms back

Your family memories are precious. I believe they should be experienced with your senses and together...shared and tangible.

Story time! I think one of the reasons I'm a photographer is that I spent so much time with my grandmother looking at family photos when I was a kid. We have photos that go back so far we aren't quite sure whether the person in the photo is great x5 grandma Jennett or great x5 aunt Josephine. Albums and albums of photos.

Not your grandma's album

Things have changed a bit. There are wild cover materials and you can mix materials. You can put a cameo cutout images in the cover. You can have an image cover, on metal, canvas, acrylic, or glass-type material. The options are endless. Don't worry. I'm here to help.

Gorgeous, modern heirlooms

Luxury cover materials, lay flat design, beautiful binding.

Thick pages. So many cover materials. Metal, canvas, and acrylic covers. Choices in size and number of pages.

Custom, clean design.

Thinner pages make great alternative book type albums. Smaller sizes are good parent albums and guest books.

Anyone looking through your book will be able to feel like they were at your wedding.

Your story - the design process.

I approach the design of your album by going over your whole wedding day and choosing images from your wedding gallery that tell the story of your wedding day. The two of you and how you look at each other, who was there to celebrate with you, surprises and funny moments, your venue and all the details you put your heart into...with an eye for composition and flow.

Then we meet when your images are ready and we go over your album design draft and cover options together.You can add things and change out images while we go through the book.

This gallery below is one full album. If you click on the first image, you can flip through the whole book:

I'd love to answer your questions. You can contact me here, by email, or using this chat box if you're on a laptop/desktop.