Albuquerque Wedding Photographer in Corrales

Beth Waldron Studios offers headshots and branding sessions for business owners and model/actors.

Do your headshots show your personality? What does your body language in your headshot say about you and your business?

Is your headshot still a soft focus shot from the 80s? haha Hey! There's no shaming here, but if so, it's time. Let's update that for you.

Clients want to see you. Today's clients want personal connection. They want to feel like they know you. The current you.

Quick studio or on location headshot update with a 30 minute session and 3 images licensed for small business social media use and small print - $175

Brand consultation, headshot session in studio or at your location with optional hair and makeup and 5 images licensed for business social media use and small print - $450

A personal branding session, with a large set of images designed specifically for your brand and social media. Beyond, behind the scenes, and your products. Starting at $1500

Headshot session for models/actors and 5 images - $175