I love birds

I know it's Balloon Fiesta but I interrupt the balloons coming out of your computer screen to show you ... birds.

Things you may not know about me:

I have crow minions. haha Well...maybe not minions, exactly. But I feed 50+ crows every morning in the winter. They should be on their way here pretty soon, actually. It's usually after Balloons in the fall. November-ish. They do bring me stuff. And I get reference photos from them for my paintings. (www.bethwaldronstudios.com)

I have been going once a week to help out at On a Wing and a Prayer for over two years. It's the best part of my week, usually.

There are always bird feeders and waterers going in my yard, including 6 hummingbird feeders that I change out constantly all summer. (if you can't commit to changing the sugar water daily in the hottest part of the summer, you shouldn't put them out).

I paint mostly birds.

haha I do love other animals as well.

Anyway. This morning I was going to take some photos of balloons, but then I was distracted by the birds.

Ladderback woodpecker

Gambel's quail

More quails. They're too cute.