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Beth Waldron Studios is based in Corrales, NM but serves Albuquerque metro area, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, the East Mountains and will travel as far as Santa Fe in any direction without a travel fee.

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The best thing about family sessions is that we all get to play and have some fun.

Kids are magic. They run and act silly, and to get them to pose you need to be ready with funny questions, say kind of gross stuff, and be really goofy, but for me that’s what makes it awesome.

Big kids are fun too. The adults, I mean.

By the way, kids are not required. There are all sorts of families. I love all of you equally.

So how does this work? Photos are great, but you're here for info:

Pricing Information

The Bluejay

I'm happy to do shorter sessions for wiggly people or people who tire easily. 15 images to choose from.
30 minute session
reveal and order appointment
$50 toward products


The Magpie

A full hour session, 25 images to choose from.
One hour session
Reveal and order appointment
$100 toward products


The Raven

More time, 35-40 images to choose from, maybe a few extras...
Up to 2 hour session
Reveal and order appointment
$150 toward products


The Process

you have questions or want to book a session

consultation/booking call

dreams and plans


photo reveal/ordering appointment

photo delivery

A quick story.

I met these lovely clients who wanted a photo session while family was all together at the holidays. So I photographed them at their home and sent them their gallery. They downloaded their photos and bought some prints. All good.

As I was looking over their online order from their gallery, which immediately sent to the lab to be printed, I noticed that the crop of a photo wasn't going to look how they probably wanted it. I immediately ordered another image and delivered it to them before they even got the weird crop order from the lab. It all ended up being great. I mean, they were happy and I solved a problem before they even noticed it.

But after I was thinking about how all of that could have been avoided if we had talked more before the session about what they wanted to do with their photos and if I had come by to go through their photos with them and help them order something for some cool spots in their home. They may have ended up with something even better, because I had some good ideas. I felt I needed to direct the process better and offer more service.

So we do that now.

There are so many cool things we can do with your photos and I want to do that for you.

*If the product you want to order is digital images, that's still totally ok.

* For visitors who live out of town, we'll do an online meeting


Where should we take our photos?

We have so many places in New Mexico to go for family photos. There's something for every kind of style. Downtown, murals, desert, bosque, farms, sunflowers, Balloon Fiesta ...

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm in Corrales and I will travel as far as Santa Fe without travel fees. Beyond Santa Fe (or an equal distance in any direction) there will be a fee based on mileage.

Do you do posed/unposed/lifestyle photos?

It really depends on the people I'm photographing. There must be a little magic in how I decide to work with different people, since I do make a general plan but then seem to go with the flow a bit once I get to the session. Some people are natural in front of a camera and barely need any direction. Some people require direction. I direct people to do things that look a certain way or get a reaction for the photo I want. And I will pose people as well, but it's not in the ok, everybody say cheese sort of way, if that makes sense.
But also...people still want that "photo for grandma", you know? The traditional-ish sort of everyone standing together and smiling at the camera. You can have that AND a photo of everyone tickling each other.

When will we get our photos?

We will meet again within 2 -3 weeks (sometimes less depending on the time of year/busy seasons). You can download photos for social media from your online gallery, share them, choose your favorites, and order more prints after our ordering appointment.

What should we wear?

This is highly dependent on your personality. Like...if you're a tattoos and pink hair type of person, I'm not going to tell you to wear khakis and navy, you know? You can wear whatever you want. In general, solids or larger patterns are great. If you have a theme or palette you want to stick to, then that's great too. If you want to toss out the rule book, I'm happy with that too. I'm happy to help you with this.

How should we prepare?

For kids, clean faces are good, but happy faces are better. Do bring a wet wipe or two, haha, but I think the most important part is to not stress about it. Kids will think it's more fun if there isn't a big fuss about being tidy and on best behavior before or on the way to the session, you know? So my number one prep suggestion is to relax and have fun. Kids are going to do kid stuff and it will be ok.

Otherwise, just dress comfortably nice for your style and make sure to bring layers in cooler temperatures. Remember sunscreen and bug repellant for outdoor sessions. We'll definitely talk about this stuff before your session too.

Do you sell prints or albums?

Yes! And I really want you to have them. So much so that I changed my whole business model around it. I'm still happy to do digital images, of course, but I really love making art for people and I want to do so much more for you than send you a link. There's something really special about walking into your home and seeing your happy family on the wall. I want that for you.

Do you have a question for me?

I'm happy to answer your questions. You can email me or message me on FB or IG.

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