I like to do too many things.

I don't know how many people have this problem but I think there are more of us than we think.

How many times have you hear that you can't be a "Jack of all trades" or do more than one thing very well. I've heard it so many times. Like, you have to pick a passion and go all in or you can't have several things that you really love doing. For YEARS this has plagued me with feelings of uncertainty about how well I do things or how successful I am at whatever it is. (Hi, here I'm talking about photography)

I was doing photography full time and painting on the side. And then during the pandemic I swapped them, except I never REALLY marketed or anything to keep photography going. Painting is going pretty well and I just quietly let photography slide.

So here I am months after taking a real break from photography and I'm feeling like I don't have to let it go. It's not like I was running a huge studio with all day sessions and stuff. I would be happy with several sessions a week? Maybe eventually renting a studio space here in Corrales to do portraits a couple days a week?

I think success looks different for everyone and it depends on what you want. I would like to bring in a little extra income and help support my family, but still have time to run my boys around to music and sports.

So what have I been doing?

I've been painting. I have a website here: www.bethwaldronstudios.com

I am a member of Ghostwolf Gallery in Old Town and I hang out there 2-3 times a month.

I'm the current Vice President of the Corrales Society of Artists and the director of the 2024 Corrales Art Studio Tour. The studio tour is the first weekend in May. You should come! I'd love to see you.

I illustrated a geology book: Find it here!

Anyway, I've been keeping myself busy.

I've occasionally done fun shoots with friends:

So I didn't really stop haha

I've just been quiet about it. I took photos at Jogathon at the school again this year for their yearbook. I really love doing that. I hope I can keep doing it even after my kiddo moves to middle school at another school next year. It's super fun and I just love our little school a lot.

Ok, so the point of all of this is:

I'm still paying for my website, management software, liability insurance...I have all my gear. I simply refuse to get rid of my studio lighting and backdrops.

Clearly I still want to hold on to this and keep doing it. I also discovered that I fill my time up to be busy no matter what. Guess I better start marketing again?

A separate topic, sort of: You know what? I love studio portrait sessions and boudoir. My website is super family friendly and I didn't put much revealing stuff on here but I forgot this site was bumping around out in there in the interwebs and I stumbled on it today while editing my Google business page (I couldn't change that either hmmm):

Boudoir page... don't open at work or in front of your kids

I seriously love boudoir sessions so much. I think it shows in all those photos how much fun we had and how comfortable those ladies were.

It really is impossible to feel uncomfortable because I'm such a dork. haha

I have considered renting a BnB or cool Air BnB or a nice hotel room for a few days and doing back to back sessions with a hair and makeup stylist. For something like this:

There would have to be interest.

There would have to be a retainer and maybe even a no-show fee.

I think for something like that I would need to make a wait list and then do it when there was enough interest. If you found this and you have interest in being on a list, please email me at beth@bethwaldronphotography.com

Anyway! After saying all of this, books are open again for sessions.

For booking, inquiries, or even just questions, click here