I decided to ...

rent a space to do photography in Corrales, right on Corrales Road. One came open and I jumped on it. I definitely thought it over, but I wasn't quite ready to make full use of it. Anyway, I had a few sessions in there while I was busy getting ready for the Corrales Art Studio Tour.

If you came here and didn't know I'm also an artist, I'm also an artist. <-- That is a link, by the way. I show at Ghostwolf Gallery in Old Town and participate in Corrales Art Studio Tour and various art things around town. I'm the current Vice President of the Corrales Society of Artists and director of the studio tour. That's not intended to be bragging, I'm explaining where I go when I'm not here. I have my hands in a lot of stuff and I don't want to quit doing any of them because I love it, even if it makes me busy.

SO anyway, I rented a space and had a few sessions and then right after the tour, Glimmerglass Art Works closed their doors. There was a mad rush to see who would get that space because it's super. What we ended up deciding is that I will take that space and Mischa Harris Beauty will move into the space I was renting before.

This is all extra info you don't need, but what it means is that I have a lovely space with windows where I can do some of the natural light work I love to do, and a cool fireplace that will be nice for holiday family sessions. AND a hair and makeup artist who is amazing...literally right next door. So it's an awesome upgrade.

Now it's June!

How is it June already?

The studio tour was the first weekend in May and then between all the shenanigans with the end of the school year and everyone in my family getting that cold that was going around and this studio shuffle, May completely flew by and June is doing the same.

But it's time to start getting people in there. I moved stuff in last week and I'll be setting things up now. Then I'll be posting more here again. See you soon!